While travelling recently to Italy to do an art workshop, people commented: Oh, you're an artist. What kind of art do you do? I responded with an unconvinced "yes" and a less than informative "various". I realised that I needed to be more positive and specific (without the "art speak") about my art practice. My work is based on my life experiences, places to which I have been, people I know, objects significant to me. My style is "figurative", a tree looks like a tree, built environment is true, portraits have a likeness. I don't have the imagination for abstracts or the patience for hyper-realism. I have always liked to draw and it remains a solid basis for my painting. My medium for B&W works is ink stain and charcoal on heavy print paper. I paint in oil on canvas or panel depending on size. I am currently specialising in a 13th century medieval technique of egg tempera and gold leaf on timber panel.